ODMS is the future of On-Demand-Manufacturing.

ODMS is a full service digital fabrication facility in San Leandro, CA.  ODMS’ Parts-On-Demand MICRO-FACTORY allows customers the ability to print parts when and where they need them. We offer you two options:

  • ODMS’ Local POD2 produces plastic and metal parts ON-DEMAND for customers.

  • ODMS' POD2 MICRO-FACTORY enables manufacturers the ability to produce parts when and where they need them. ODMS’ POD2 is leveraging innovation in 3D printing and material science, and automated investment casting processes to provide plastic and metal parts on demand with no tooling costs, no assembly costs, quick lead times and low cost alternatives to manufacturing the parts you need on demand, when you need them and where you need them.

We pride ourselves on providing total solutions and adding value to our partners as they develop and introduce their products to market. To that end, we are using novel materials and proprietary production methods to create the parts you need or the MICRO-FACTORY to make your own parts when and where you need.  


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