Custom Part in 48 hrs?

ODMS Prototyping Services: Client Stories:

Custom Part in 48 hrs? When you need a custom stainless steel part in 48 hours - who do you call? Last week, we received an order of a custom kitchen pipe fitting in stainless steel. ODMS' engineering team worked with our client to design and then manufacture the part in less than 48 hours.

At ODMS, we design, manufacture and deliver custom parts. Have a sketch on a napkin, CAD file or just an idea in your head?

ODMS “Turning Your Ideas Into Reality!” What can we do for you?

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Got Prototype?

ODMS Prototyping Services: Client Stories

The goal was to create a well designed, sleek, gender neutral flashlight that happens to also be a stun gun. ODMS took this initial prompt and first created a 3D model of the form based on client sketches. Next came functionality, with a BOM and custom components to create a high quality functional prototype ready for low volume production. ODMS handled the entirety of the project, designing everything from the buttons and body of the stun gun flashlight to the PCB inside.

ODMS “Turning Your Ideas Into Reality!” What can we do for you?

#3dmodeling #3dprinting #design #productdesign #Prototyping #ODMS #consumerelectronics #GotPrototype

Turning your ideas into reality.

ODMS' Mind-2-Metal - Turning your ideas into reality.

How does it work?It is simple, you have a part that you want made. We can make it in stainless steel, bronze, brass, aluminum, silver, and gold. You send us your drawing.

  • M2M will CAD your part and send it back for approval.
  • M2M 3D prints your part.
  • M2M metal casts your part.
  • Your idea becomes a reality!

How long does it take? 24-48 hours! Our sweet spot is <7in parts but if you got an idea, we can figure it out! We are looking for early adopters/beta users. Contact us with a project!

The ODMS Team

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About Mind-2-Metal: 

  • Metal Cast Parts From 3D Printed Parts
  • High resolution 3D printed parts produce high detail metal cast parts
  • Proprietary resins developed by ODMS for our P2C (Print-To-Cast) Parts On Demand Platform 
  • Lower development cost
  • Quick lead times - Print-To-Cast in 24-72 hours depending on metal
  • Capable of producing >8 in assemblies
  • Metal parts in stainless steel, brass, bronze, aluminum 
  • Automated/Accelerated casting process
  • Cast metal part achieves near-net-shape tolerances that require minimal finishing


"5 trends for the future of manufacturing" & How ODMS parts on-demand platform is changing the manufacturing!

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ODMS’ “Parts On Demand” Platform (POD2) is leveraging innovation in 3D printing and material science to provide parts ON-DEMAND with no tooling costs, no assembly costs, quick lead times and low cost alternatives to manufacturing the parts you need; when you need them and where you need them.

Our POD2 platform provides the tools necessary to suppliers to make and send parts on an on-demand basis where and when the parts are needed.