Turning your ideas into reality.

ODMS' Mind-2-Metal - Turning your ideas into reality.

How does it work?It is simple, you have a part that you want made. We can make it in stainless steel, bronze, brass, aluminum, silver, and gold. You send us your drawing.

  • M2M will CAD your part and send it back for approval.
  • M2M 3D prints your part.
  • M2M metal casts your part.
  • Your idea becomes a reality!

How long does it take? 24-48 hours! Our sweet spot is <7in parts but if you got an idea, we can figure it out! We are looking for early adopters/beta users. Contact us with a project!

The ODMS Team

PS Rod Wagner in the news @ https://www.cnet.com/news/diamonds-nah-burning-man-wedding-ring-holds-a-piece-of-the-moon/. 

About Mind-2-Metal: 

  • Metal Cast Parts From 3D Printed Parts
  • High resolution 3D printed parts produce high detail metal cast parts
  • Proprietary resins developed by ODMS for our P2C (Print-To-Cast) Parts On Demand Platform 
  • Lower development cost
  • Quick lead times - Print-To-Cast in 24-72 hours depending on metal
  • Capable of producing >8 in assemblies
  • Metal parts in stainless steel, brass, bronze, aluminum 
  • Automated/Accelerated casting process
  • Cast metal part achieves near-net-shape tolerances that require minimal finishing