ODMS Engineering Grade SLA Resins

ODMS is working to develop inexpensive prototyping and additive manufacturing solutions. We have been involved in developing FDM 3D printers and SLA printers. We have extruded our own filament and work with our partners to develop proprietary resins to meet our customer needs. We are the pioneers in 3D printing models for metal castings. Today, we print parts in our engineering grade resins and can cast models in Brass, Bronze, Aluminum and even Stainless steel using our proprietary casting resin.

What this means for prototyping and additive manufacturing is that quality printers and materials are finally available for our industry. Working with with our resin partners, we have brought new SLA resins to the marketplace. Being able to specify mechanical properties for a model is a significant advantage for both prototyping and limited run manufacturing.

We currently define 3 main classes of resins that we use to produce models. Variations of these can be developed if the need arises and color is always an option.



ODMS-Tough is a very strong and tough photopolymer, and can be printed with very high resolution features (50 um). ODMS-Tough also has outstanding compression strength. This product can be easily painted, sanded or machined for further finishing. Often used in automotive prototyping.



ODMS-Rigid is a very strong and low shrinkage product, and can be printed with very high resolution features (50 um). This product can easily be painted, sanded or machined for further finishing. When your uses are prototyping and fit testing is important we use this material.


ODMS-High ReBound

ODMS-High Rebound product has an extremely quick rebound performance with firm compression properties. High Rebound can be printed down to a resolution of 100 um. Uses include gaskets, seals, grips or any object that require sustained flexibility and return from deformation is required.