Management Team

10yrs 3D printing experience + 50yrs casting experience + 30yrs automotive


Ben Simon-Thomas
Founder - CEO

Ben Simon-Thomas is a founder and CEO of SoundFit, LLC, a 3D scanning company focused on building affordable, easy to use, high precision 3D scanners. He has 20+ years management experience running group buying, mobile commerce, SAAS and healthcare startups. He thinks BIG and believes that great products come from iteration and tenacious optimism. He has a gift for creating great teams and fixing all the things that break (with a smile)! He is passionate about bringing manufacturing to the masses and believes that 3D scanning is fundamental to the future of making things.

Usman_grad _pis 042.jpg

Dr. Mohammad Usman, PhD, MBA

Partner at ODMS & Founder & CEO at Digital Quad Tech

30+ yrs in automotive product development, digital manufacturing, product design and manufacturing. Awarded 10 patents, 1 trade secret, and 20 invention disclosures. Global experience leading multi-discipline cross-product teams and managing complex projects.


Rod Wagner

Rod Wagner, founder and CEO of Thought Fabricators, has over 35 years working in the computer field, developing both hardware and software for a large international company. Additionally, he has over 40 years of experience in the jewelry field, with expertise in casting, fabrication, lapidary and molding. He owned a jewelry manufacturing company, as well as retail jewelry stores. Rod is always experimenting with new materials and ways to turn 3D prints into more durable objects using brass, aluminum, silver, wood and even glass.

Monte Martinez - CEO of Pacific Coast Laboratories, Inc. (PCL). Monte has 15 years experience in both the custom ear tip industry as well as the 2-way radio industry. He has developed a number of ear tip solutions for hearing aid users and co-developed the company’s flagship products: the patented SoundWaves series behind-the-ear listening system used by NFL teams, the U.S. Navy, law enforcement, and Homeland Security. By using On-Demand-Manufacturing for a SCAN-2-PRINT solution for 3D printed custom ear tips, Monte continues to seek out new and innovative technologies to improve production and expand PCL’s product offering.