Print-To-Cast Technology Platform

For Parts-On-Demand Services

3D Printing + Metal Casting = Parts in 24-78 hrS



Reduce prototyping costs (tooling cost, duty cycle cost/testing cost).

Reduce response times.

Reduce time to market.

ODMS Print-To-Cast Platform:

  • Metal Cast Parts From 3D Printed Parts (in aluminium, brass, bronze and stainless steel)

  • High resolution 3D printed parts produce high detail metal cast parts

  • Proprietary resins developed by ODMS for our Print-To-Cast Platform

  • Lower development cost

  • Quick lead times - Print-To-Cast in 24-72 hours depending on metal

  • Capable of producing >8 in assemblies

  • Automated/Accelerated casting process

  • Cast metal part achieves near-net-shape tolerances that require minimal finishing

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Today: ODMS’ local micro-factory produces plastic and metal parts on-demand for customers.

Tomorrow: ODMS’ micro-factory enables manufacturers the ability to manufacture parts when and where they need them.

  • Markets include:

    • Architectural/Design

    • Prototyping (automotive industry)

    • Classic car (creating marketplace for parts-on-demand)

    • Maritime


Is ODMS Print-To-Cast right for you? 

  • Rapid Prototyping is ideal for fast design iterations and part testing. Our expertise and capabilities allow for a variety of material options and ensure a consistently high level of quality while maintaining quick turnaround times.

  • Advanced Prototyping helps simplify the extensive product development process. From determining manufacturability to testing a design, our team of experienced industry professionals can offer strategic support.

  • Low-Volume Manufacturing services help you reduce tooling costs and refine designs. Throughout the process ODMS offers unparalleled value through our diverse range of technology and expert advice from our engineers.

  • Proof of Concept/Presentation Models. Produce visual models for feedback, test marketing, market research, packaging, trade shows and so forth.

  • Pre-Production Parts - Move faster through production or prototyping of parts that require a specific metal or plastic material, and still enjoy the high dimensional accuracy and surface finish.

  • 3D Printed Parts On Demand. It is simple, you have a part, we can print it in a material suited for your purposes including: spare parts, obsolete parts, and test parts.

“Providing On-Demand-Manufacturing Services & Custom Manufacturing Solutions For Startups, Industry Applications, GOVERNMENT, NGOs, & more!

We are looking for beta partners in automotive prototyping and classic car prototyping markets. Ready to get started? Let's chat.

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All information that is shared through this form is considered confidential.

ODMS Parts-On-Demand Portfolio


Parts On Demand

Have you ever had a product that you absolutely loved but you had to get rid of it because of the fact that the manufacturer was no longer creating replacement parts for it? Have you ever loved a product but wished that you could make a few modification to it in order for it to better suit your needs or match your home’s decor? Surely all of us have run into at least one of these problems in the past. ODMS’ Parts-On-Demand platform offers customers the ability to produce 3D printed prototypes and cast metal parts (from 3D prints) in 24-72 hours.   


If you can dream it, we can make. All of our work is custom and done to your specifications. Using our patented Print-To-Cast platform, we use 3D printers (FDM & SLA), metal casting processes (investment casting), and finishing tools. We work on everything from jewelry to art installations. Our goal is not only to design and manufacture products, but to collaborate with our clients to provide innovative on-demand and custom manufacturing solutions.

ODMS Clients

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ODMS is leveraging innovation in 3D printing and material science to provide parts ON-DEMAND with no tooling costs, no assembly costs, quick lead times and low cost alternatives to manufacturing the parts you need; when you need them and where you need them.

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